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What is Reflexology?


Reflexology is a form of foot massage that also involves pressure to certain points on the feet.. A reflexologist applies pressure to points  that relate to internal body organs and structures. The feet in Chinese medicine are said to be a mirror or doorway to the body,, reflexology follows the principles of Chinese meridian theory as well as Western Zone theory which came from the experiments of a certain  Dr William Fitzgerald who was investigating a way to carry out surgery without anaesthesia..


This therapy is based on the principles of holistic healing - it affects the person on a mind, boy and emotional level. When the body's energy meridians become sluggish or blocked, all three levels are affected. .I will be working on all levels of your being, physical,  mental and emotional. As I work, I will identify any health symptoms and imbalances within the body by mapping issues on the feet. 


Studies have shown that reflexology can produce beneficial changes in mood, levels of stress and that it can help people suffering from chronic health conditions in combination with medical treatment by promoting feelings of relaxation. The aim is to help to bring the body back to homeostasis.


Reflexology stimulates more than 7,000 different nerve endings on each foot in a single session. By applying pressure to reflex areas, it can remove energy blockages and promote health in the related body areas.


Reflexology May Help To........

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • reduce pain

  • lift mood

  • improve general well-being

  • boost the immune system

  • get over colds and bacterial infections

  • clear up sinus issues

  • recover from back problems

  • correct hormonal imbalances

  • boost fertility

  • improve digestion

  • ease arthritis pain


What Happens During and After Treatment?

Most people find reflexology, for the most part, to be very relaxing. It shouldn't be painful, so if you feel discomfort, be sure to tell me. Some people might also feel a little ticklish at first but this soon passes.


I will work within your comfort zone and will make sure to ask if the pressure is fine for you during the treatment. Some areas may be tender or sore, and I may spend extra time on these points - soreness should decrease with pressure. 

After treatment, most people feel calm and relaxed . Occasionally, some people will experience nausea, sleepiness or feel emotional - these are some of the effects to show that the therapy is working.

An aftercare leaflet will be given to you after the treatment has finished which explains the actions you should take - such as hydration and rest - and the possible after effects you may experience.


Other treatments hat you can book alongside reflexology are shown on my booking page at the link below.

These include reiki energy healing, crystlal sound and colour healing, hypnotherapy programmes, wild rose facials, coaching and other modalities. 

You can book treatments on a Saturday at Melton Wellness House, Melton Mowbray through the booking link to the Fresha app or on a Wednesday at Escape Hair and Beauty, Newark on Trent



More details to  follow on my blog.



If you have never been to a holistic therapist or reflexologist before, there will be a lot of questions and perhaps concerns that you may have about the treatments on offer.

This is completely natural and you are not alone. I am a progressive,nurturing therapist who is here to answer any questions that may arise. I work within the ethics of the membership organisations I am a member of, including the Professional Reflexology Association.


After reading the information on the website and booking page, if you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. If my therapies are not suitable for your particular need, I will do my best to signpost you to a therapist or organisation that can help.




Did you know?

The roots of reflexology are said go back to ancient Egypt and China. It was also used by Native American tribes.


Contra-Indications for Reflexology Treatment:

It is important to give a complete and accurate health history before treatment, this is because the treatment may need to be altered if contra-indications are found. This list covers some of them:

•  acute inflammation of the circulatory or lymphatic system (for risk of triggering a thrombus)

•  ischemic heart disease (angina pectoris, thrombosis, myocardial infarction, etc.)

•  acute rheumatic fever

•  diseases of the veins (phlebitis, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, renal vein thrombosis)

•  diseases of the vessels and lymph nodes (lymphomas, infections, etc.)

•  aneurysms (for the risk involved the heart work at a more forced)

•  pregnancies at risk of abortion

•  persons with foreign bodies lodged near vital organs.

•  injuries to the foot of such wounds, fractures, strains, sprains or other problems that make it hard to work directly on it.


GDPR Guidance 

Your personal data will be stored and be accessible by RainbowLight Integrated Therapies. Your information will not be shared with any third-party companies. I will only contact you with regards to RainbowLight Integrated Therapies and associated matters and will never send spam to you.

Medical Malpractice: Your details will be kept on record for 3 years once you have received your last treatment with me.

Record Keeping Your consultation forms and paper files are kept in a locked metal filing cabinet, emails and any electronic forms sent are kept on file on a password protected computer with virus protection and firewall and messages are through an encrypted email address. Your files are not viewed or accessible by anyone other than myself, unless consent is given by you to share information with other therapists or organisations.



Your security and safety is covered by Practice Insurance, provided through my membership of the Professional Reflexology Association and the Guild  of Holistic Therapists.. I follow all policies, codes of ethics and practice as set out and designated by these membership organisations.

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