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Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end

I began my reflexology journey in September 2021 at Grantham College where I enrolled on the VTCT Reflexology Diploma course. It was a challenging and inspiring journey. I worked in the R&R salon as well as the BHive community hub in Grantham to meet my target of over a hundred hours of case studies towards my qualification. I had to complete hours of pathology papers and pass two anatomy and physiology exams. My fellow students and I became a close team as we worked and grew together.

All good things must end as we shift and grow and the course came to an end in July this year. Three months later, I received my certificate. Then I swiftly came down with covid for the first time ever. Fortunately, I was fully vaccinated but the post covid lingering symptoms were the worst because they left me with fatigue amongst other symptoms which I have been working around.

About 6-8 weeks after contracting the virus, I began to feel a lot better. Interestingly, points on my feet relating to the area of illness in the body always hurt me whenever I'm ill now. So I give them a little massage and work on the points. It stopped me from being able to move fully forward but then, the last two years have been challenging, as it has been for everyone. Sometimes that catches up with us, the stress, and our body can tell us to rest but we don't listen - so we become ill. I have worked on peoples feet and picked up the energetic signiture of covid - it manifests to me as a crunchiness in the lung area amongst other things and can remain for quite a long time in the feet after the virus originally manifested. It has been a teaching moment for me as a therapist to contract it myself but perhaps I could argue, a necessary one.

For we cannot fully understand how something affects a person until you are able to walk in their shoes. And now I have.

And just as I recover from this and once again start to plan for the futurre (with a new clinic in Newark), I'm also preparing to start my studies again - in January I begin my level 4 clinical reflexology course in Nottingham where I will be learning advanced reflexology techniques in fertility, oncology, maternity, foot reading and hand, face and ear reflexology. so I will be needing more case study clients again after all.

So please contact me for more information if you would like to volunteer. I would love for you to be a part of my next amazing adventure.

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